Fast erase performance improves
manufacturing effi ciency and lowers costs!
Parameter SST38VF640X
64 Mb
Competitor A
64 Mb
Competitor B
64 Mb
Typ Max Typ Max Typ Max
Read 90 ns 90 ns 90 ns
Page Read (Word in page
after initial access) 25 ns 25 ns 25 ns
Program 7 μs 10 μs 60 μs 50 μs
Write Buffer Programming
(up to 16 words) 28 μs 40 μs 240 μs
(200 μs)* 240 μs
(200 μs)*
Erase – Sector (4 KWord 18 ms 25 ms N/A N/A N/A N/A
Erase – Block (32 KWord) 18 ms 25 ms 0.5 sec 3.5 sec 0.5 sec
Erase – Full Chip 40 ms 50 ms 64 sec 128 sec 64 sec 128 sec
*Must use external 12V supply to achieve numbers inside ( ).
SuperFlash® Memory Products
High Performance, Low Power Consumption and Superior Reliability
What is SuperFlash?
SuperFlash is an innovative, highly reliable and
versatile type of NOR Flash memory invented by
Silicon Storage Technology (SST). SuperFlash
memory is much more fl exible and reliable than
competing non-volatile memories. This technology
utilizes a split-gate cell architecture which uses
a robust thick-oxide process that requires fewer
mask steps resulting in a lower-cost nonvolatile
memory solution with excellent data retention and
higher reliability.
SuperFlash Advantages
Fast, fi xed program and erase times
~ 40 ms vs. more than a minute for 64 Mb
Results in improved manufacturing ef ciency
and lower costs
No pre-programming or verify required prior to
Results in signifi cantly lower power
Superior reliability
100K cycles and 100 years data retention
Inherent small sector size
4 KB erase sector vs. 64 KB
Results in faster re-write operations and
contributes to lowering overall power
Parallel Flash
Densities from 512 Kb to 64 Mb
Operating voltage: 1.8V, 3V and 5V
HW reset/Boot block/Erase suspend
Security ID and page read/write on 64 Mb
Serial Flash
Densities from 512 Kb through 64 Mb
Voltages available: 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.0V
Single footprint package up to 32 Mb
Full SPI protocol compatibility
Fast AAI programming mode
Memory Cell Structure Comparison
Thicker tunnel
oxide reduces
improving data
retention and
Poly 2
Split Gate
Poly 2
Poly 1
Source Drain
Stacked Gate
(Conventional Flash)
Poly 1
Microchip Technology Incorporated
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SuperFlash® Memory Division • 1020 Kifer Road • Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5308 • Phone: 408-735-9110
Serial Quad-I/O (SQI™) Flash
SQI Flash memory boosts performance while maintaining the
compact form factor of standard serial fl ash memory.
4-bit multiplexed I/O serial protocol
Operating frequency up to 80 MHz
> 300 Mb/sec sustained Read
Operating Voltage: 3.0V and 1.8V
Density: 16 Mb to 64 Mb
Software Parameter & Individual Block Locking
Security ID
Voltage Density Parallel SPI (Serial) SQI™ (Quad-Bit) FWH/LPC
512 Kbit 25WF512
1 Mbit 25WF010
2 Mbit 25WF020
4 Mbit 39WF400B 25WF040
8 Mbit 39WF800B 25WF080 26WF080B
16 Mbit 39WF160X 26WF016B
32 Mbit 26WF032B
64 Mbit 26WF064B
512 Kbit 25VF512A
1 Mbit 39VF010 25VF010A
2 Mbit 39VF020, 39VF200A 25VF020B
4 Mbit 39VF040, 39VF400A 25VF040B
8 Mbit 39VF80XC 25VF080B 49LF008B, 49LF080B
16 Mbit 39VF160XC, 39VF168X 25VF016B 26VF016, 26VF016B 49LF016C, 49LF160C
32 Mbit 39VF320XC 25VF032B 26VF032, 26VF032B
64 Mbit 39VF640XB, 38VF640X
38VF640XB 25VF064C 26VF064B
1 Mbit 39SF010A
2 Mbit 39SF020A
4 Mbit 39SF040
0 100 200 300 400
Sustained Data Transfer Rate (Mbit/sec)
SST 26
Series SQI™
(80 MHz)
x16 (70 ns)
x16 (70 ns)
Serial SPI (66 MHz)
Flash Performance Comparison
Microchip is the sole remaining supplier
of 8 Mb and 16 Mb Firmware Flash
These SuperFlash memory devices are compliant with the Intel Low
Pin Count (LPC) Interface Specifi cation and are intended to store
system BIOS in applications such as PCs, graphic cards, set-top
boxes, network boards and other embedded CPU applications
FWH devices (49LF008A and 49LF016C) devices incorporate
Intel’s proprietary FWH interface protocol used in the Intel 8XX
Series Hub Architecture chipsets
LPC Flash devices (49LF080A and 49LF160C) comply with the
standard Intel Low Pin Count (LPC) Interface Speci cation 1.1